indi petrucci photography


The shoot was a great success…the hair and make up was perfect, we worked together really well and the make up artist really worked with em and collaborated on this project. The stylist and deisgners clothes were great and really fit in with this textured, clean and crisp look that I wanted for my shoot. My assistants were angels, I really enjoy working with me two 1st year assistants. (you can see them putting up wallpaper in a shot below) The models were great, I enjoyed shooting them separately and having their arrival times staggered (even though it was a little stressful to keep track of it all, i also had designers poping in to see their clothes in action and also people dropping off clothes) 

I am very happy with the shoot and cant wait to start editing ! 



I have been organising myself and need to get some bits for the shoot on friday.. it will be a trip to central london tomorrow - around soho and oxford street.


below are call sheets for the individual modelling agencies for the models as well as working out timings for the arrival of each model. I also have made a call sheet for the team which also have a list of the designers that I am using to help me keep track.

I have also started planning what colour backgrounds/ textured backgrounds will go with what specific clothing and looks. I like to get this organised before my shoot as it makes me more focused on the day on the actual photography. I have started looking at the clothing that the stylist has pulled as well as the pieces that i have sourced from fashion grads from ravensbourne.

Call Sheets for agencies/teams

timing plans 



I have been organising my shoot next week, there are a lot of people to keep in charge of seeing as I am sourcing some of the clothing from designers from uni as well as the stylist so there is a lot of organising timings and people. I also need lots of assistants and some others to shoot BTS shots of the shoot as I need BTS work when submitting to magazines. I also am shooting 3 to 4 different models from 3 different agencies so there is a lot of organising and emailing back and forth

It is really hard to keep on top of everything and everyone making sure everything is confirmed and times are sorted.


I am very happy and excited for my shoot next week, it seems that it is al coming into place. The styling and designers are into place, so is the hair and makeup and my assisting team. I am now just getting my models into place. I am very excited to start working with Select model management and M+P models, these are two agencies that I have been wanting to work with for a long time. This will be the first time that I work with both these agencies.

So far I have a female and male model from M+P agency…waiting to hear back from the model from Select to get a confirmation. I am looking forward to working with these two models, they look great!!

Grace at M+P

Ashley at M+P